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What is the Friends and Family Test?

From 1 December 2014 all GP practices are required to give people who use their practice an opportunity to provide anonymous feedback by answering 2 questions relating to the quality of the practice.   The first question has to be, “Would the patient recommend the practice to their friends and family”, and has given the “Friends and Family Test” (FFT) name to this anonymous feedback.

The FFT is a feedback tool which offers patients the opportunity to provide feedback about the care and treatment they have received. The FFT tool combines a simple question, asking patients how likely they would be to recommend the service they have received to their friends and family; with a follow-up question to enable patients to provide further detail about their experience. Practices are free to choose the subject and wording of the second question.  The responses to the two questions are anonymous.

Each month the Practice will collect the anonymous data from the responses we receive to the 2 questions and submit it to the NHS and post it on the Practice website on the PPG page. Please see the current questions below:

Q1. How likely are you to recommend this practice to your friends and family?
Q2. How long would you be prepared to sit in the waiting room for an appointment if you were guaranteed to be seen on that day?

Why has the Government introduced the Friends and Family Test in the NHS?

Good patient experience is linked with improved patient outcomes. Studies have shown positive associations between patient experience, patient safety and clinical effectiveness. Therefore it is important that the NHS collects regular feedback from patients and takes action to address any areas of poor patient experience. The FFT is one of a number of tools used in the NHS to collect feedback from patients. One of the key benefits of the FFT is that patients can give their feedback very quickly and the results are available to staff more promptly than other traditional feedback methods. This enables staff to take swift appropriate action should any areas of poor experience be identified.

The results of the FFT give a broad illustration of the experience of patients and are published so that patients can see how their GP Practice and other local services are viewed by those who have used them.

26th January 2015:  Due to misuse of the poll facility we have reset the responses to Question 1 and Question 2.  We have kept a record of all votes to date and will delete all votes relating to suspected misuse.  If you would like to query this further please do not hesitate to contact Tracy Talbot, IT Systems and Workflow Manager or Deirdre Smouna, Practice Manager.



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