The Langton Medical Group offer cervical screening tests according to the national cervical screening program. At present, all women over the age of 25 years will be offered a screening test every three years until the age of 50 at which point testing is offered five yearly, as long as previous results have been negative. All women patients are encouraged to take advantage of this service. Test results are posted to patients from the laboratory as soon as they are available.

To find out more, click here to view the NHS National Cervical Cancer Screening Programme

Don’t wish to have further smears?

Important information with effect from 1st April 2014:  For patients wishing to remove themselves from the national cervical cancer screening, please telephone the programme directly on 0300 790 0231 ext. 8498 or 8070.  Please also remember to tell your GP by completing the following disclaimer form:

Click here to download the Practice cervical cancer screening disclaimer form

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