Business Manager

Our Business Manager, Mr Steve Cowley has responsibility for all Financial and Commercial matters on behalf of the Langton Medical Group.  The Business Manger has overall responsibility for all staff working in the practice.

The Practice Manager

The Practice Manager, Mrs Deirdre Smouna is responsible for all non-medical matters relating to the Langton Medical Group, and will be happy to discuss any suggestions or complaints you may have.

Admin and Workflow Manager

The Admin and Workflow Manager, Mrs Tracy Talbot is responsible for ensuring that the practice meets its information governance responsibilities and works efficiently in its workflows.  The Admin and Workflow Manager is responsible for the Administrative Team including the secretaries and insurance clerks.


The Langton Medical Group is fortunate to have a dedicated and experienced team of Receptionists, Prescription Clerks and General Enquiry Clerks who are there to help you with appointments and enquiries. They have a very difficult and busy job. It is not easy to please everyone, so please be patient. When telephoning for medical attention, it is always helpful to give a few details; this will enable the Receptionist to help you in the most appropriate way and to ensure you receive the assistance you need. The Reception Manager, Julie Cope, has overall responsibility for the day-to-day running of reception and its various staff.

Administration Staff

The Langton Medical Group also employs a hard working team of administrative staff including Medical Secretaries, Clinical Systems Officers, an IT Systems Officer, Scanners, Clinical Coders, Summarisers and an Administrative Clerk. You may not see them very often but they are all committed to making sure you receive the care and services you need.


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