Mission Statement

Langton Medical Group exists to provide our Patients with high quality Personal Medical Services delivered across our 2 sites in Lichfield & Whittington. Building on the sound Medical Practices delivered by its founders the Group seeks to adapt to changing environments by being caring, pragmatic and innovative in its approach to maintaining and improving the Medical Services that we provide to our Patients.

Positive Patient experiences and whole person care are at the heart of our philosophy as we seek to deliver safe and thorough Medical Services to our Patients.

We are committed to learning and development as a Practice and are keen to learn from Medical colleagues and Patient feedback in order to shape our Medical Services delivery to provide modern, relevant and innovative Services to our Patients in a timely, efficient and accurate way.

Changes to Service provision will always be reviewed and analysed by the Practice to ensure that Patient concerns are promptly addressed and that desired outcomes are achieved as a result of change. The Practice believes that it is only by ongoing review and analysis of Service provision that an Excellent level of Patient Experience can be maintained and improved upon.

Langton Medical Group is committed to Safe Service provision in a safe and fit for purpose environment for Patient Care. We will achieve this by initiating and maintaining best practice in Service delivery and by keeping our premises in a fit for purpose and Clinically Clean environment.

Our Employees are at the heart of everything we do. We seek active Employee engagement in all aspects of our work and encourage Employee participation and suggestions as we form our Patient Service Delivery methods. Langton Medical Group seeks to promote a harmonious working environment which encourages Staff to aspire to achieve and feel valued for their work. It is our aim to foster an environment where Staff feel supported to develop their personal careers and valued for the work that they do.

Langton Medical Group is keen to engage with external bodies, LAT, CCG, LMC in order to act in the best interests of the whole Health Economy. We are keen to learn from our colleagues and seek to help to mould local service provision so that it best reflects the interests of Local Health needs. Langton Medical Group is committed to working with other GP Practices as part of the ground breaking new GP Provider Organisation Alexin Healthcare Ltd which is a federation of some 90 GP Practices covering 800,000 Patients in Derbyshire and Staffordshire.


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