Our Team

The Partners

The Langton Medical Group is a 3 partner practice. The partners are:

Dr Jackie Wakeman
Mrs Rosie Jones RGN
Mr Steve Cowley ACMA

The Practice may employ additional doctors from time to time.

The Langton Medical Group is committed to training and we employ fully qualified doctors (GP registrars) who are in the process of completing their post-graduate specialist training in General Practice. From time to time, junior doctors’ work in the practice to gain experience in General Practice. These doctors are also fully qualified doctors but have yet to embark on their specialist training programs. A fully trained GP will always be available to these doctors for advice, should this be required.

Medical Students are increasingly spending time in General Practice as a key part of their under-graduate training. It is likely that the Langton Medical will become more involved in this important aspect of medical education.

Nurse Practitioners and Practice Nurses

There are three Advanced Nurse Practitioners who give valued assistance to the doctors by seeing patients and prescribing medication where necessary. They are:

Rosie Jones RGN, MSc Advanced Nursing Practitioner, MSc
Melanie Hayward RGN, MSc
Amanda Sheldon

The Practice employs a team of nursing sisters who run the Practice Treatment Rooms. They provide a wide range of services such as taking blood, giving injections, dressing wounds and are available for advice on minor illnesses. They also provide advice on promoting better health, travel immunisations, stopping smoking and weight reduction. In addition they play an important role in the regular review of hypertension, diabetes, asthma and heart disease.

The Nursing Team is:

Michelle Heaney
Debbie Capewell
Diana Glover
Annemarie Jones SEN
Sue Mabbley
Charlotte Davies

Health Care Assistants carry out some medical tasks such as blood tests, electrocardiograms, breathing measurements, blood pressure measurements and a few dressings.

Practice Nurses supervise the management of chronic diseases such as heart disease, asthma, diabetes and leg ulcers, have family planning responsibilities and carry out a number of procedures including complex dressings.

Advanced Nurse Practitioners all have a Masters degree in Advanced Nursing Practice. They undertake many of the tasks traditionally handled by doctors, including diagnosis, writing prescriptions, arranging tests, and referral. They manage our same day appointment system. Patients can book appointments with nurses as well as with doctors.

The Practice Manager

The Practice Manager, Mrs Deirdre Smouna is responsible for all non-medical matters relating to the Practice, and will be happy to discuss any suggestions or complaints you may have.

The Business Manager, Mr Steve Cowley is responsible for the day-to-day smooth running of the Practice.

The Practice is fortunate to have a dedicated and experienced team of Receptionists who are there to help you with appointments and enquiries. They have a very difficult and busy job. It is not easy to please everyone, so please be patient. When telephoning for medical attention, it is always helpful to give a few details; this will enable the Receptionist to help you in the most appropriate way and to ensure you receive the assistance you need.

Administration Staff

The Practice also employs a hard working team of administration staff including, Secretaries, Information Manager and/Admin/Clerical Assistants. You may not see them very often but they are all committed to making sure you receive the care and services you need.

The Primary Health Care Team

In addition to the above, the Practice Team also includes some staff who, whilst not employed by the Practice, are attached to it as part of a comprehensive team providing care and services. These valuable members of the team include:

District Nurses who visit certain patients in their home to administer healthcare when they are unable to travel to the surgery.

Health Visitors who look after the care of the babies, children and young mothers of the practice.

Midwives who take care of expectant mothers and new born babies.

Practice Pharmacist who assists with quality prescribing, ensuring all prescriptions are appropriate and regularly reviewed.