About the Langton Medical Group



Mission Statement

Langton Medical Group exists to provide our Patients with high quality Personal Medical Services delivered across our 2 sites in Lichfield & Whittington. Building on the sound Medical Practices delivered by its founders the Group seeks to adapt to changing environments by being caring, pragmatic and innovative in its approach to maintaining and improving the Medical Services that we provide to our Patients.

Positive Patient experiences and whole person care are at the heart of our philosophy as we seek to deliver safe and thorough Medical Services to our Patients.

We are committed to learning and development as a Practice and are keen to learn from Medical colleagues and Patient feedback in order to shape our Medical Services delivery to provide modern, relevant and innovative Services to our Patients in a timely, efficient and accurate way.

Changes to Service provision will always be reviewed and analysed by the Practice to ensure that Patient concerns are promptly addressed and that desired outcomes are achieved as a result of change. The Practice believes that it is only by ongoing review and analysis of Service provision that an Excellent level of Patient Experience can be maintained and improved upon.

Langton Medical Group is committed to Safe Service provision in a safe and fit for purpose environment for Patient Care. We will achieve this by initiating and maintaining best practice in Service delivery and by keeping our premises in a fit for purpose and Clinically Clean environment.

Our Employees are at the heart of everything we do. We seek active Employee engagement in all aspects of our work and encourage Employee participation and suggestions as we form our Patient Service Delivery methods. Langton Medical Group seeks to promote a harmonious working environment which encourages Staff to aspire to achieve and feel valued for their work. It is our aim to foster an environment where Staff feel supported to develop their personal careers and valued for the work that they do.

Langton Medical Group is keen to engage with external bodies, LAT, CCG, LMC in order to act in the best interests of the whole Health Economy. We are keen to learn from our colleagues and seek to help to mould local service provision so that it best reflects the interests of Local Health needs. Langton Medical Group is committed to working with other GP Practices as part of the ground breaking new GP Provider Organisation Alexin Healthcare Ltd which is a federation of some 90 GP Practices covering 800,000 Patients in Derbyshire and Staffordshire.


The Primary Health Care Team

In addition to the above, the Practice Team also includes some staff who, whilst not employed by the Langton Medical Group, are attached to it as part of a comprehensive team providing care and services. These valuable members of the team include:

District Nurses who visit housebound patients in their homes to administer healthcare when they are unable to travel to the surgery.

Health Visitors who look after the care of the babies, children and support their parents.

Midwives who take care of expectant mothers and new born babies.

Practice Pharmacist who assists with quality prescribing, ensuring all prescriptions are appropriate and regularly reviewed.

General Practitioners other than partners

The Practice also employs additional General Practitioners.  Currently, these additional GP’s are:

  • Dr Juhee Latoria
  • Dr Nicholas (Digby) York
  • Dr Purti Choudhary
  • Dr Donna Turfrey
  • Dr Alexander Alex
  • Dr Jeremy Duncan-Brown
  • Dr Rachael Ford


Management & Administration Team

Business Manager

Our Business Manager, Mr Steve Cowley has responsibility for all Financial and Commercial matters on behalf of the Langton Medical Group.  The Business Manger has overall responsibility for all staff working in the practice.

The Practice Manager

The Practice Manager, Mrs Deirdre Smouna is responsible for all non-medical matters relating to the Langton Medical Group, and will be happy to discuss any suggestions or complaints you may have.

Admin and Workflow Manager

The Admin and Workflow Manager, Mrs Tracy Talbot is responsible for ensuring that the practice meets its information governance responsibilities and works efficiently in its workflows.  The Admin and Workflow Manager is responsible for the Administrative Team including the secretaries and insurance clerks.


The Langton Medical Group is fortunate to have a dedicated and experienced team of Receptionists, Prescription Clerks and General Enquiry Clerks who are there to help you with appointments and enquiries. They have a very difficult and busy job. It is not easy to please everyone, so please be patient. When telephoning for medical attention, it is always helpful to give a few details; this will enable the Receptionist to help you in the most appropriate way and to ensure you receive the assistance you need. The Reception Manager, Julie Cope, has overall responsibility for the day-to-day running of reception and its various staff.

Administration Staff

The Langton Medical Group also employs a hard working team of administrative staff including Medical Secretaries, Clinical Systems Officers, an IT Systems Officer, Scanners, Clinical Coders, Summarisers and an Administrative Clerk. You may not see them very often but they are all committed to making sure you receive the care and services you need.


Nurse Practitioners & Nursing Staff

Nurse Practitioners and Practice Nurses

Advanced Nurse Practitioners all have a Masters degree in Advanced Nursing Practice. They undertake many of the tasks traditionally handled by doctors, including diagnosis, writing prescriptions, arranging tests, and referral. They are part of our same day team appointment system. Patients can book appointments with nurses as well as with doctors.

There are three Advanced Nurse Practitioners who give valued assistance to the doctors by seeing patients and prescribing medication where necessary. They are:

Rosie Jones RGN, MSc Advanced Nursing Practitioner, MSc

Melanie Hayward RGN. PgDip asthma, PgDip ANP, MSc Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Amanda Sheldon, MSc Advanced Nurse Practitioner

The Langton Medical Group employs a team of nursing sisters who run the Practice Treatment Rooms. They provide a wide range of services such as taking blood, giving injections, dressing wounds and are available for advice on minor illnesses. They also provide advice on promoting better health, travel immunisations and weight reduction. In addition they play an important role in the regular review of hypertension, diabetes, asthma and heart disease.

The Nursing Team is:

Practice Nurse, Michelle Heaney

Practice Nurse, Debbie Capewell

Healthcare Assistant, Annemarie Jones SEN

Healthcare Assistant, Sue Mabbley

Healthcare Assistant, Charlotte Davies

Nursing Staff

Health Care Assistants carry out some medical tasks such as blood tests, electrocardiograms, breathing measurements, blood pressure measurements and a few dressings.

Practice Nurses supervise the management of chronic diseases such as heart disease, asthma, diabetes and leg ulcers, have family planning responsibilities and carry out a number of procedures including complex dressings.


The Partners

Dr Jacqueline G. Wakeman MBChB, DRCOG, DFSRH, FRCGP

Dr Wakeman was born in Birmingham in 1962 but grew up in Leeds where she enjoyed archery, competing at senior international level as a teenager. She returned to Birmingham to study medicine, qualifying in 1986.

After completing general practice training, she worked in a training practice in South Birmingham, limiting her hours to part time because of the arrival of her two daughters. Late in 1994 Dr Wakeman and her husband Andy, a director of public health, moved to Lichfield with their family and have been happily settled since. She has worked with Langton Medical Group since 1995, becoming a partner in May 2003 following the retirement of Dr Lockwood. In addition, Dr Wakeman has also worked for the local contraception and sexual health service and hence can provide a full range of contraception methods including implants and intrauterine devices. She is a trainer for doctors in family planning methods as well as being a G.P. Trainer. In her spare time, Dr Wakeman enjoys spending time with her family, gardening and swimming, cycling and running to keep fit.

Mrs Rosie Jones, R.G.N, MSc in Advanced Nursing Practice

Rosie is a Nurse Partner within the Practice. She qualified in 1989 and specialised in cardiac and intensive care nursing. After qualifying Rosie and her husband Phil moved to Hereford where she worked at the County Hospital on the Cardiac and Intensive Care Unit, and later established a cardiac rehabilitation service for Herefordshire. After the birth of their first child they returned to Lichfield, and have since had a second child. Rosie began working in General Practice as a Practice Nurse in 1992, and is now one of a very small number of Nurse Partners in the country. She continues to have a keen interest in coronary heart disease, and lectures on nursing courses addressing the management and prevention of coronary heart disease. She completed a Master of Science degree in July 2006, in Advanced Nursing Practice, specialising in Primary Care and has also qualified as an independent and supplementary extended nurse prescriber. Rosie is a founder member of the national Nurse Partner group and regularly speaks at conferences on this subject. In her spare time she enjoys being with her family and friends.

Mr Steve Cowley, ACMA